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To ensure a smoothness preparation of your event, no detail should be left out and that's why we offer you oour 10 Preference tips on how to prepare your event. 
Seminars are essential for the good running of a company and its commercial department. They are an occasion to make a balance of the year, to make your teams brainstorm and to create a friendly climate. They also contribute to the good image of the company.

Our 10 tips for a successful seminar

If you are organizing a seminar, here are ten tips to succeed:

1 - Plan ahead

It is important to plan the event at least two months ahead. "Anticipation is at the root of your seminar's success and the sooner you start the more choice you have." This time will let you think about every solution, to look for service providers...

2 - Determine the targeted audience and the meeting's objective

Each venue is different, that's why we recommend defining clearly the seminar's objective. Please note that some places may better match the participant's age or the company's activity. 

3 - Choose the place according to the type of event 

You should think about the hotel's quality and its environment. You should also know that it is better if the place is near a train station or airport. "70% of seminars are organized in Paris area. The PACA and Rhônes-Alpes regions also attract commercial managers".

4 - Determine a budget and the standing

Ask yourself the right questions: do you want to organize a high end seminar in a luxurious hotel or do you need something more discreet. 

5 - Define the number of participants

It comprehends the company's employees and external people like clients. According to our statistics, a seminar counts an average of 30 persons.

6 - Focus on gastronmy!

After long hours of meetings and brainstorming, people need to regain their power, nothing better to regain it with a fine dining lunch or dinner while boosting the conviviality aroun the plate to reinforce team cohesion.

7 - Organize additional actvities

Do not hesitate to organize incentives or fun activities in order to boost your employees' team spirit. For example a treasure hunt or a karting race! For a short seminar, it is better to choose a place where all infrastructures are grouped together. You will save time and money.

8 - Think of the seminar location

When organizing a seminar some people might come from far, the seminar might take multiple days, don't forget to book a hotel room. 

9 - Select the date carefully

It is recommended to organize a seminar in mid or low season and to avoid important events dates, the hotels being not full at these periods. You will also have more flexibility to make your choice and obtain the right price.

10 - Determine your needs

You should estimate your needs in the room, the disposition and specific equipments such as projectors or lights. Check with the hotel if equipments are included.

With all these advices, your are finally ready to organize a seminar.


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